Rhymes & Rhythms Preschool is the school for all preschoolers to play, learn and grow together.

At Rhymes & Rhythms, we are devoted to implementing the Montessori teaching method in order to help children become independent and confident young individuals.


We aim to implement the teaching method of Maria Montessori and have included the five different areas of her approach in our classroom and curriculum.

Practical Life Area Sensorial Area Maths Area Literacy Area Cultural Area Other Areas

About Us

At R&R preschool, we encourage children to become independent, confident, self-disciplined and happy in a carefully prepared environment.


Our mission is to play, learn and grow together in an educational environment through engaging and effective lessons and activities.


Rhymes & Rhythms preschool offers an environment equipped with materials that benefit children in all areas of their development: physical, emotional, social, communicative, linguistic and cognitive.
Children are kept busy and engaged with a range of enriching activities that they are free to choose from.
Well-trained and experienced young teachers will always be present not only to help children when they need assistance or to suggest suitable activities if they become idle but also to ensure their safety and wellbeing.


44, Inya Myaing street,
Golden Valley,
Bagan township, 11201,
Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: 00 978 5417355, 00 959 43108839
Email: rnrpreschool@gmail.com